Course Outline: First Steps (i.e., Level 1)

Welcome to the class!

The goal of this class is steady, consistent progress, which is not unlike climbing a mountain. But when you are looking up at a mountain, it can seem daunting. So the trick is to take a couple of steps and just get moving. That is the goal for today.

In the below graphic, you can see the 4-5 first steps for this level. And the first one is easy. Just listen the podcast located below.

Listen to the First Steps Podcast

Start a Journal

As mentioned in the podcast, you really want a way to record your knowledge. My process is:

  • Take notes on my phone and on paper.
  • Screenshot these and put them in a folder. I use dropbox, which syncs to my laptop.
  • Over time, I put these in a couple of powerpoint, which become my masterlist.

There are lots of ways to do this. But the important thing is to record your thinking. And to have an easy way to edit and add to this this thinking over time.


Do Learning Goal 12: Basics of Tiktok / Douyin and Audience-Builder Platforms

  • Digital platforms come in several types (marketplaces, payment, innovation, etc.). This is about audience-builder platforms that connect content creators with viewers. And which increasingly ties to marketplace platforms for products and services.
  • The key learning goals are:
    • Basics of TikTok / Douyin
    • Digital Platforms: Audience Builder
    • Network Effects
  • Listen and read:


Do Learning Goal 15: The Basics of Didi and Switching Costs


You should try to complete these in 2 weeks. Then go on to level 2.

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