4 Take-Aways from My Visit to JD’s New E-Space (1 of 2)

I’m on a flight home from a visit to JD’s new E-Space in Chongqing. It was quite cool and I’ve been mulling over its implications – for new retail, for ecommerce and for online-merge-offline in China. Here is my current thinking.   Take-Away #1: Chongqing is awesome. I really like going to Chongqing. It’s a […]

My Visit to JD’s E-Space: Is It a Game Changer for Department Stores in China? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 10)

Jeff Towson, a specialist in digital strategy, discusses the game-changing potential of JD’s E-space in China’s department store industry. With his rich insights, unravel the complexities of the digital transformation in retail and understand its implications for businesses across the globe. Don’t miss this comprehensive exploration of a significant shift in the retail sector.

How Intime and Alibaba Are Pioneering a New Digital Lifestyle in China

I recently visited the Intime department store in Hangzhou. And it struck me that department stores and shopping malls may be the most compelling version of new retail – the frontier of an increasingly dynamic, digital lifestyle for Chinese consumers.   From New Retail to a New Digital Lifestyle The online world is surprisingly rich […]