My 6 Take-Aways from CES 2019

So I’m waiting for a flight out of Las Vegas. Along with the +170,000 other people who attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. It’s crazy. The CEO of Delta Airlines said they added an additional +30 daily flights to Las Vegas for the event. Crazy. I was here for five days and attended […]

Why Ofo Failed

Yes, fail is a harsh word. But it’s true. And it happens to lots of companies, especially in China. The good news is failure in China is not final. There are always more opportunities. I’ve written a series of articles about “What To Do When You Fail in China” (here and here). And many failed […]


下文节选自《中国一小时书刊》。(here) “《纽约时报》曾报道一件有关史蒂夫•乔布斯的趣闻,这件事成为了他人生传奇的一部分。据说,在第一批iPhone发布前的六周,他曾一度焦虑不安。发布前一个月,他召集了他的高层团队,要求给手机换玻璃屏。由于样机的塑料屏太容易刮伤,他想改换耐刮的玻璃屏,要求在投产前的4至5周内换好。”