6 Early Indicators of the Greatness of Sea Limited (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

Sea Limited is rocking and rolling. Jumping from gaming to ecommerce. Then to payment and financial services. And now to Mexico. There is a growing public consensus that the Sea management team is extraordinarily effective. That’s cool. But it would have been much better to know that two years ago, when the stock was much […]

Why Lazada vs. Shopee Is Faster Horse vs. Better Jockey (Tech Strategy – Podcast 40)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the competitive landscape between Lazada and Shopee, comparing the two companies to a faster horse versus a better jockey. He argues that Lazada has the resources and infrastructure to be successful in the long run, but Shopee has the better management team and is more nimble. Towson believes that the winner of this race will depend on which company can execute its strategy better.