Scarce and Cornered Resources: Competitive Advantage Lessons from the Fall of Star Wars (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

This article delves into the rare and quirky competitive advantage of scarce or cornered resources, highlighting its increasing relevance in the digital age. It uses the Star Wars franchise as a case study to illustrate how valuable intellectual property and unique creative teams can be cornered resources, and how their mismanagement can lead to downfall. The discussion also sheds light on other potential forms of scarce resources, including tangible assets, people-based assets, and emerging digital assets.

Compelling Digital Business Models by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor (Tech Strategy – Podcast 132)

This discussion centers on the innovative digital business models developed by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor in the healthcare sector. These industry leaders have embraced digital transformation to establish new, compelling business models, each unique in its approach. The analysis will delve into three key areas: the economies of scale and scope, digital superpowers that lend competitive advantage, and the role of AI as a capability and potential learning platform.

Amazon, Tencent and When Rate of Learning Becomes a Competitive Advantage (Tech Strategy – Podcast 131)

In this week’s episode, Jeff Towson dives deep into the concept of the rate of learning as a competitive advantage, a significant shift from its origins in production-intensive products to a digital necessity. He explores how Amazon and Tencent have harnessed this capacity, transforming it into a formidable competitive tool. The episode offers insightful perspectives on the ‘smile marathon’, the experience effect, and the emergence of the rate of learning as a key competitive advantage.