Digital Strategy Lesson: An Introduction to Rate of Learning (Tech Strategy – Podcast 184)

Welcome to Tech Strategy Podcast, where we explore the secrets of the best digital companies in the US, China and Asia. In this episode, we introduce the concept of rate of learning and how it can be used to develop a successful digital strategy. We discuss how companies like Alibaba, Google and Amazon have leveraged this concept to achieve success in their respective markets. Tune in to learn more about rate of learning and how it can help you build a winning digital strategy.

Video: Digital Moats Series 3 – You Want Warren Buffett Moats and Elon Musk Operating Performance

This is part 3 on building digital moats. You need to build at two levels: Moats and structural advantages. That’s Warren Buffett land Operating performance. Elon Musk’s crazy pace is a good symbol for this. —–Transcript Below

Personalization vs. Economies of Scope: Lessons from Shein and Unilever. (1 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Last week, I was giving a talk in Shanghai about the digitization of manufacturing. And how this is creating a data ecosystem that connects consumers, retailers, logistics and manufacturing. This is something that Alibaba has been focused on with New Manufacturing. Their XunXi project is about being able to respond in real time to changing […]

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Dingdong, Grab and the Struggle for Profits in Ecommerce Services (Tech Strategy – Podcast 156)

In this comprehensive analysis, Jeff Towson delves into the ongoing struggle for profitability faced by leading eCommerce companies such as Grab, Dingdong, Meituan, Didi, GoJek, and iFood. Highlighting recent business model shifts, he discusses the newfound strategies these companies have adopted to strive for profitability. A major focus is placed on the crucial concept of geographic density, underlining its role as a significant type of economies of scale in the eCommerce industry.

Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Warren Buffett’s Omaha Businesses: Nebraska Furniture Mart (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I went through Borsheims, Buffett’s jewelry retailer in Omaha. It has historically had a very strong business model, although this may be changing. And his jewelry business has a lot of interesting parallels to his biggest retail business, Nebraska Furniture Mart. Company 2: Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) I was in Omaha with […]

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