ANE Logistics and Network Effects in Physical Networks (2 of 3)(Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Lesson / Update)

Ok. Let me see if I can impress you today. In Part 1, I wrote about ANE Logistics, an interesting Chinese company. But I really wanted to make a few points about the nature of logistics and physical networks: There is a difference between networks, platform business models and network effects. Physical networks are different […]

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4 Reasons Why Didi and Ctrip Should Merge (Tech Strategy – Podcast 95)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses 4 reasons why Didi and Ctrip should merge. He argues that a merger would create a more dominant player in the Chinese travel market, allow the companies to better compete with global rivals, and save money on costs. Towson believes that a merger is the best way for Didi and Ctrip to achieve their long-term goals.