Why Disney Is Continuously the Top of the Big 6 Studios – Alex Zhang, ex-Alibaba Pictures.


Alex Zhang was one of the first five employees at Alibaba Pictures (launched in 2015), Now an independent film producer, he sits at the intersection of rapidly rising Chinese entertainment, its changing relationship with Hollywood and its increasing collision with the tech world (Alibaba, Tencent, etc.). Plus he’s a really cool guy.

Alex visited Peking University in late 2017 and spoke to an MBA class taught by myself and Jonathan Woetzel. Below are two video clips from his talk. We will be posting a lot more of his talk. It’s really fascinating.

Video Clip 3: Why Disney Is Continuously the Top of the Big 6 Studios

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Video Clip 4: How to Produce Successful Films in China

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Here are some other clips. Plus I did a short interview with Alex. Links below.

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