Video: Generative AI is About to Shake Up Hollywood and Change the Game for Disney, Netflix, and Others

Watch this short video about the future of entertainment. ——–Transcript Below hi everyone this is Jeff Towson TechMoat Consulting why generative AI is going to decimate Hollywood now I’m talking Disney Netflix Amazon Prime Warner Brothers production houses Production Studios TV studios all of it is in deep trouble now as I’m doing this there’s […]

Why Netflix, Singapore Press, and Most Digital Content Businesses Are Headed for Trouble (Tech Strategy – Podcast 136)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses why he doesn’t like Netflix, Singapore Press, and most digital content businesses. He argues that these businesses lack a moat, which is a sustainable competitive advantage. He also argues that these businesses are too focused on quantity over quality.

Amazon’s Moat is Growing in Ecommerce. But Falling in Video. Just Like for Netflix. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 125)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how Amazon’s moat in ecommerce is growing, while its moat in video is falling. He compares Amazon’s video business to Netflix and argues that Amazon will need to make some changes in order to maintain its leadership position.