Where 5G and 5.5G Will Create Big Value (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

The article “Where 5G and 5.5G Will Create Big Value” explores the potential of these technologies to revolutionize businesses.
The author identifies five scenarios where 5G and 5.5G will have a significant impact, including glasses-free 3D, self-guided vehicles, next-gen manufacturing, cellular IoT, and intelligent computing everywhere.
This article is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of technology and its impact on businesses.

Huawei Launches 5.5G. Plus, Lessons from the Shanghai Mobile World Conference. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 170)

In this podcast, Jeff Towson shares his insights from the Shanghai Mobile World Congress, where he attended Huawei’s launch of its 5.5G Plus network. He discusses the implications of this new technology for the future of mobile communications, and he also shares his thoughts on other key trends from the conference.