Can Huawei’s HarmonyOS Break Android’s Monopoly? (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 73)

This week’s podcast is about Huawei’s big operating system initiative. It’s the first serious challenge to Android’s global dominance. And how to break-in with a new ecosystem is a fascinating question.

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Types of platforms:

  • Marketplace Platforms
  • Payment Platforms
  • Innovation and Audience-Builder Platforms
  • Coordination, Collaboration and Standardization Platforms
  • Learning Platforms
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2 thoughts on “Can Huawei’s HarmonyOS Break Android’s Monopoly? (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 73)

  1. John Leonard

    March 15, 2021 at 6:01pm

    Jeff thanks, informative as always. Sounds like you’d need a mongoose to live at Rawai!
    Can you pls provide a link to the Danish podcast you were on?

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