How WeChat, TikTok and Chinese Consumers Are Disrupting and Personalizing Luxury

In my online Asia Tech Class, I talk a lot about digital superpowers, which are digital tools that upend established business. And one of these superpowers a dramatically improved user experience, such that the traditional offering is now unacceptable to users. And this sort of dramatically improved user experience is what is happening in luxury […]

How Huawei Is Turning Smart Cities Into Operating Systems (1 of 2)

I keep an eye out for digital phenomena where China / Asia is on the frontier. We’ve seen this sort of digital leadership in mobile apps, mobile payments and e-commerce. And after meeting with head of smart cities at Huawei, I am convinced we are seeing the same phenomenon in smart cities. Below is my […]

What Cheetahs Can Teach Business About Competitive Advantage and Hyper-Specialization.

I like cheetahs. I’m not totally sure why. But I have watched every documentary I can find about them. I have studied their biology. I frequently go to see them in the wild in Kenya and South Africa. I just think they are really cool. And I also recall Berkshire Hathaway Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger talking […]

How Accounting Is Different in China – Paul Gillis, the Guru of Chinese Accounting (Video)

Paul Gillis is the “go to” guru for accounting in China. He is professor of accounting at Peking University Guanghua School of Managment, past head of China/Asia for PricewaterhouseCoopers and has a PhD in accounting. He also publishes on – which you should definitely check out. I sat down with Paul and asked him […]


在之前的文章中,我阐述了阿里巴巴在中国的发展历程。虽然这是零售市场的案例,但其实在许多中国的数字巨头身上也可以看到类似的模式。 这种演变到了下一阶段就成了“新零售”,而它又为这种模式带来了巨大的改变。但首先,我想就数字化中国和企业正在培养的数字化超能力发表几点看法。


*以下内容摘选自最新版的《一小时读懂中国》(One Hour China Contrarian Book)一书。 “我和华强森(Jonathan Woetzel,就职于麦肯锡咨询公司和北京大学)已共同撰写了三本速读书。在最新的一本书中,我们收集了一系列文章,主要提出了四大不同的观点,它们是: