The Surprising Power of Mobike and China Bike Sharing (Video)

You have to stand in awe of bike sharing. For those of you that live in China, try to name another service that has become so pervasive in your life so quickly. Bike-sharing has gone from a crazy idea to covering almost every sidewalk in the country in about 18 months. When has a new service […]

3 Things I Learned about JD Fashion from President Xia Ding and Toplife (Pt 5 of 5)

This is the fifth in a series about my 3-4 days at JD’s facilities in Beijing and Shanghai – and from meetings with their management. In the previous articles, I discussed JD Logistics (here), their latest technology initiatives (here), their crazy growth (here) and their robotics lab (here). And I’ll be releasing a more serious […]



Recollections and Fun Stuff from My Weekend With Alibaba (Pt 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of my diary of my weekend with Alibaba management during Singles’ Day 2017. In Part 1 (here), I talked about the initial meetings and going to the big gala on Friday night. If you’re looking for serious content, this is probably not your article. Visit to Hema supermarket – and thoughts […]


以下内容摘自《一小时读懂中国消费者》一书。 “本故事开始于1999年,主角是在嘉士伯已工作多年的香港本土员工Sunny Wong。他于1987年加入嘉士伯,担任销售经理一职,多年来,几经升职,他最终成为了华北市场的总经理。

Final Thoughts From Behind the Scenes at Singles’ Day 2017

A group of 15 of us were invited to spend the day with Alibaba behind the scenes for Singles’ Day 2017. Here are some final thoughts from Martin Newman of Practicology, Kitty Fox of IDC China and Daniel Zipser and Jonathan Woetzel of McKinsey China. For more on the day, see my articles below: Part […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 在第一部分,我们谈到了万科创始人王石早年的事迹。随着他20世纪80年代,在深圳所获得的一系列的成功,于1988年,他首次涉足房地产行业。正是这一步,改变了一切。