顺丰快递、圆通快递和其他中国快递公司竞相上市,随着利润的不断萎缩以及竞争威胁的加大,成为“中国的联邦快递”的梦想正迅速转变为资本和功能方面的军备竞赛。 本文介绍了我对这种加速竞争背后的逻辑以及2016年的发展形势的看法,不过首先我要介绍两个背景知识。


The Sale of Baidu Waimai to Ele.me Symbolizes 3 Big China Internet Trends

Chinese O2O food delivery company Baidu Waimai is being sold to competitor Ele.me. So Ele.me (Alibaba-owned/backed) and Meituan Waimai (Tencent-owned/backed) now dominate the space: Ele.me plus Baidu Waimai will be about 55% of the market. Meituan Waimai has around 41% of the market (iMedia market research). Although they recently announced they are at 54%. Giants […]






去年,与中国消费者有关的重大新闻包括疫苗丑闻、食品污染恐慌、海外购房热,以及城市家庭消费的持续增长。 这些新闻是中国女性作为新兴消费阶层的真实写照。具体而言,它们关乎正迅速成为全球最重要消费者的中国妈妈。 对此我有下列五点看法:


Winning and Losing in Bike-Sharing Is Ultimately About Utilization (Pt 4 of 4)

This the fourth and final article on “assets in the wild” as a powerful new economic engine, most visibly manifested in bike-sharing in China. My basic argument in Part 1, 2, and 3 is that the meteoric rise of Mobike, Ofo and other bike-sharing companies is because of their pioneering use of assets that can […]


How Bike-Sharing Grows So Fast. And For Free (Pt 2 of 4)

From the beginning of the China bike-sharing phenomenon, I have been struck by how pervasive these companies have become so quickly. Just think of how often you are presented with an image of a Mobike or Ofo bike in China on a daily basis. You see these brightly colored bikes literally thousands of times every […]