An Interview with Dividend Income (Oct 11, 2011)

The text below is from an October 11, 2011 interview with Steven Dotsch of Value Talk / Dividend Income Investor. The link is here. ————– Today we’re joined by Jeffrey Towson, who was Head of Direct Investments Middle East/North Africa and Asia Pacific for HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud – grandson of […]

Book Review By New York Society of Security Analysts

A review by the NYSSA is here. Text is reprinted below. Book Review: What Would Ben Graham Do Now? In his new book, What Would Ben Graham Do Now?: A New Value Investing Playbook for a Global Age, Jeffrey Towson offers a unique glimpse into global investing at the very top levels of sophistication. Towson […]

Interview with 33 Voices

An interview with 33Voices which talks with and profiles various authors.  This was pretty fun because it wasn’t strictly an investing discussion. Link is here but I think you need to register. I did notice that his author page for me is kind of better than my own site.

32. 中东人眼中的拉登

时间:2011-05-30 17:39:56    浏览:5次     作者:杰弗瑞·陶森 “我想来杯威士忌,一杯本·拉登。” “本·拉登?” “没错,两shot加点水。” 好吧,这个玩笑有点促狭,不过还是让人忍不住笑。我并不常写政治或全球事件,如果这些事和投资无关(和度假胜地也无关),我一点也不在乎。不过本·拉登之死对西方和中东都是件大事——特别是我们这种在两个地方工作的人。如果你被迫在枪口下生活几年,这是你没法忘记的经历。所以作为一个在中东工作的美国人,我对本·拉登之死有点看法。