将全世界抽烟最多的6.5亿人口放到世界上污染最严重的城市,会发生什么?二十多年后又会如何呢? 如此,我们将得到2000万超级烟民。他们吸进的致癌物可能创人类历史记录。我把这群人叫做中国的“老烟枪”。 我是这么算的:




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Why Chinese Families Are Flooding Into Foreign IVF & Fertility Services: An Interview with SCRC.

Medical tourism from China is surging. According to Ctrip (via a recent Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business report), there were over 500,000 outbound medical tourism trips from China in 2016, a 5x increase from 2015. And the average spending per trip was a stunning 50,000 RMB, more than 10x typical Chinese tourist spending. The […]


The Solution to China’s Digital Health Problems? Go Direct to Consumers.

In the past 6 months, there has been a lot of soul-searching by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Internet companies about what has gone wrong in Chinese digital health. Thousands of digital health companies have been launched and funded in recent years but there have been few, if any, big successes. And, as detailed in a […]


Why Mobile Healthcare Apps Keep Failing in China

More than a thousand Chinese healthcare apps have been launched in the past five years. These startups, targeting the seemingly super-hot intersection of booming smartphone usage and modernizing healthcare, were supposed to be the next big thing. And many have been backed by top venture capitalists and leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba Group Holding, […]


Why China’s Drug and Vaccine Scandals Will Dwarf the Food Scandals

It was the 2008 melamine baby powder scandal that finally made food safety a national priority in China. And the 2016 vaccine scandal may be what similarly finally wakes Chinese consumers up to the issue of drug safety. Unfortunately, sick newborns may again be the mobilizing image. Drug scandals have been happening in China for […]


How China’s “Puff Daddies” Became the World’s Biggest Smokers (Probably)

Question: What do you get when you put the world’s biggest smokers in the world’s most polluted cities – and then wait for +20 years? Answer: You get approximately 20M super-smoking Chinese men. A unique population that has likely inhaled more carcinogens than any other human beings alive. And as they are almost all men, […]


An Argument for Creating “Super Hospital SOEs” in China

Hospitals are an exception to the China success story. The private ones are still mostly small and frequently distrusted. The public ones are more trusted but can often be like time traveling back to 1990. While more trusted in terms of actual care, they are operationally frustrating for patients and financially difficult for doctors and […]

The Relapsing-Remitting Sclerosis of China’s Healthcare System

 But first, please sign up on the upper right to stay in contact. Thanks. Healthcare is one of those subjects I obsess about. The dollars are huge (e.g., $3 trillion in the USA). It is uber- complicated. And as the government is perpetually involved, things are always economically contorted. You can find ridiculous profits and […]