The 3 EV Business Models of BYD, Xiaomi and Tesla (Tech Strategy – Podcast 202)

In this episode, we dissect the three distinct electric vehicle (EV) business models of industry giants BYD, Xiaomi, and Tesla. We analyze how each company leverages its strengths to innovate and compete in the rapidly evolving EV market. Join us for a deep dive into the tech strategies that drive these companies forward.

Uber’s China Adventure Has 4 Lessons for Tesla (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Uber China’s exit from the market has lessons for Tesla and Silicon Valley.
The company failed to overcome Didi Chuxing’s first-mover advantage, adapt to China’s mobile ecosystem, and navigate government regulation.
Learn from Uber China’s mistakes and avoid making the same ones in your own business.

Tesla vs. Nio – And Why First Mover Advantage in Tech Can Suck. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 60)

In the tech industry, being a first mover does not always guarantee success. In this episode of Jeff’s Asia Tech Class podcast, Jeff Towson discusses the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover, and argues that later entrants can often have an advantage.