Introduction to Innovation, Elon Musk and Android’s Dominant Design. (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 58)


This week’s podcast is on innovation, which often is discussed in fuzzy terms. I present some of the better language used to discuss this topic. And I present some frameworks from McKinsey and Professor Melissa Schilling (NYU).

This is part of Learning Goals: Level 7, with a focus on:
  • #32: Innovation, Adaptation and Resilience as Competitive Strategy

Concepts for this class.

  • SMILE Marathon: Sustained Innovation
  • Dominant Design and Architectural vs. Component Innovation
  • S-Curves for Tech Performance vs. Tech Diffusion
  • Increasing Returns to Tech Adoption
  • Learning Effects and Learning Curve
  • Network Effects
  • Path Dependency

Companies for this class:

  • Android


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