Can Meituan, Ctrip, or Alibaba Win Against Didi in China Ride Sharing? (Part 1 of 2)

In the last couple of months, several of China’s digital giants have jumped into ride-sharing. And this was a surprise, because with the exit of Uber it was believed that Didi Chuxing had that market pretty much locked up. And I think Didi thought this too – as they began focusing on international expansion. Generally […]

Jeffrey Towson – My Three Rules for Digital China (Video)

Some thoughts on what really matters in digital China. Plus stuff around Manila. Jeffrey Towson, Professor at Peking University Guanghua School of Management —– I write and speak about digital China and Asia’s tech trends. My latest book Alwaleed, Khaled and Mohammed: An Insider’s Tell-All About the Risks of Doing Business in Saudi Arabia is […]

What Latam, SE Asia and the Developing World Can Learn From China (Video)

I went on a whirlwind speaking tour of Brazil (9 talks in 5 cities in 9 days). And this question of what Brazil (and other developing countries) can learn from China kept coming up. Here’s my best answer. Plus some fun stuff from around Rio.   Video is here. (Youtube only. Sorry. Link is here). […]

Mobike and Chinese Bike-Sharing Are Taking Over Mexico (Video)

I had a fascinating time in Mexico City. I made this video at the launch of Mobike Mexico. It was a great day and has my take on what’s happening with Chinese bike-sharing in Latin Ameica. And yeah, I did mostly fall off one of the bikes, which I caught on video Update (March 2019): […]

Why Mexico Is The New Frontline for Didi vs. Uber – and Mobike vs. Ofo (Pt 1 of 2)

Mobike has started in Mexico City’s upscale Polanco district, but this is part of wide launch across Mexico. They are going everywhere and are treating Mexico seriously.  That’s pretty awesome. If the big bike-sharing question of 2017 was “can these Chinese companies succeed internationally?”, the question for 2018 is now “how big can they get?” […]

中国不存在新“共享经济” 滴滴、摩拜等皆是典型的颠覆者 (第一部分)