“Starbucks Plus Alibaba” Means Luckin Coffee Needs to Partner With JD or Tencent ASAP.

So Starbucks has launched a “new retail” strategic partnership with Alibaba. And in doing so they are leapfrogging to the front of digital and consumer China. Kudos. That’s impressive. And it’s pretty bad news for Luckin Coffee. The Alibaba-Starbucks deal, as announced, has three components: 1) A tie-in with Ele.me for delivery. The statement from […]

瑞幸咖啡如何能够在中国击败星巴克 (第2部分/共3部分)


参观瑞幸咖啡(Luckin Coffee):星巴克在中国的首个重要挑战者(第1部分/共3部分)

目前,有关中国的“新零售”咖啡连锁企业瑞幸咖啡(Luckin Coffee),众说纷纭。 开店速度惊人——自今年年初营业以来,大约已有500个门店开张。也就是每天(包括周末)完成2-3个门店的布局。 极其注重互联网和配送——咖啡零售的一种“新零售”模式。 制造了很多新闻,尤其是直接挑战星巴克,还因为竞争行为正在起诉星巴克。 正在迅速筹钱。据说,最近的A轮融资筹得2亿-3亿美元,估值超过10亿美元——使瑞幸咖啡成为中国咖啡业的首个独角兽企业。

Luckin Coffee Doesn’t Have to Beat Starbucks to Win Big in China (Pt 3 of 3)

In Part 1 and Part 2, I described my visit to several Luckin Coffee outlets and a couple strategies for how they can beat Starbucks in China – which is their stated goal. However, this isn’t really necessary. As their CEO Qian Zhiya has said, coffee consumption per capita in China is about 4-5 cups […]

How Luckin Coffee Can Beat Starbucks in China (Pt 2 of 3)

In Part 1, I detailed my visits to several Luckin Coffee outlets. This is an aggressive start-up that is opening striving to beat Starbucks in retail coffee in China. So my question for Part 2 is: can they do it? Let me rephrase that: Could Luckin Coffee take 20% of Starbucks’s current China business? And […]

My Visit to Luckin Coffee: Starbucks’ First Serious Challenger in China. (Pt 1 of 3)

There is a lot of buzz around “new retail” coffee chain Luckin Coffee in China now. They are opening at a blistering rate – about 800 outlets since their launch earlier this year. That’s 2-3 locations per day (including weekends). They are focusing strongly on digital and delivery – a “new retail” version of retail […]

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Have a Serious Competitor in China? (Video)

I’ve been asking this question for like two years. And until recently, nobody seems to have an answer. Starbucks is doing fantastic in China. They have tons of stores and are apparently very profitable. And for some reason, they don’t have a major competitor. They have somehow avoided the brutal competitive knife fight we see […]