From Data-Driven Personalization to “Wow Experiences”: The Lessons from Coupang and Xiaomi. (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I teed up a couple of related digital concepts: Personalization. A good example of this is Shein. They are taking personalization further up the supply chain to product development. This, in theory, can become the “market of one”. Economies of Scope (vs. Scale). Good examples here are Unilever and Sony. Improving the […]

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Jeff’s 7 Digital Superpowers (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I have been giving you lots of frameworks and concepts. And after a while, it can all get kind of confusing. Is this new software critical for my business? Is this new business model going to seriously impact our industry? Is this like Amazon completely disrupting retail? Is this more like Mobike, which was nice […]

The Virality of Zoom and Pinduoduo Is Great. But Digital Word of Mouth Is Still King. (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Virality, viral loops, incentives and digital word of mouth all get sort of mixed together. They are all growth mechanisms for digital businesses. And they are all about taking advantage of the connections between digitized users. These growth mechanisms, based on the connections between consumers, have become increasingly important for both digital and traditional businesses. […]

What is the Secret of Pinduoduo’s Success? With Matthew Brennan and Elliott Zaagman. (1 of 2) (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 45)

This is Part 1 about Pinduoduo and the idea of interactive / engagement-driven ecommerce. Our guests for this podcast were Matthew Brennan and Elliott Zaagman. Elliott Zaagman is co-host the China Tech Investor podcast and a research and communications professional focused on China.   Matthew Brennan is Managing Director of the China Channel. We discuss […]