My Recommended China Reading – August 2018


Greetings from Peking University.

I am hiding out in Thailand for a week, one of my standard writing spots. Any suggestions for fun places to visit would be appreciated.

It’s been a pretty great summer for digital China. Pinduoduo has launched upwards, catching the world’s attention. Meituan and Xiaomi are going public (so lots of numbers to look at). And Alibaba keeps surprising everyone, such as with their new partnership with Starbucks. It’s all fascinating.

Below are my recommended China articles and books for August 2018. I hope these are helpful and that your summer is going well.Cheers, Jeff

– Articles and Books –
This is one of the coolest businesses in China e-commerce.
A good summary of China’s #3 e-commerce company.
By Coresight Research. Some great points about how cross-border e-commerce is changing.
A good NYTimes article on the new Alibaba-Starbucks deal.
A great book about platforms.
– Some of My Articles –
My experience at a JD delivery hub in Beijing.
A visit to Alibaba’s new program to train foreigners in the Alibaba way.
The fight for ride-sharing is heating up in China.
Alibaba has partnered with Starbucks, changing the landscape of retail coffee.
A fun visit to China’s newest digital giant.


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