My Recommended China Reading – March 2018


Greetings from Peking University.

I send out these lists about once a month. It’s the best China consumer and digital China reading I have come across (I read most everything). Plus some of my recent writing.

So below are my recommended China articles and books for March 2018. I hope these are helpful and that your spring is going well.

Cheers, Jeff

Articles and Books

A Deal to Buy a Chinese Bike-Sharing Giant Will Accelerate the Rivalry for Data

  • A good Quartz article about how the purchase of Mobike will change things.

Uber’s Latest Retreat Leaves Brazil, India as the Key Battlegrounds

  • I’ve been predicting a big Uber vs Didi fight in Mexico and Brazil. Here’s another article on the same subject.

Will Esports Boom in Asia Like it Did in China?

  • Esports is huge in China. It’s amaznig. And it looks like the same is happening in SE Asia.

Inside Xiaomi’s Everything Store

  • This is one of my favorite China companies. Really innovative, with tons of new smart products every year.

The 5 Best Chinese New Year Marketing Campaigns

  • Some of the the coolest stuff happening is all the creative digital marketing campaigns.


My Recent Stuff

What Brazil (and the Developing World) Can Learn from China

  • A video with my take on some of China’s unique strenghts. Shot in Rio.

Warren Buffett on Why Investing in the US is a “Winner’s Game”

  • A 3-part series on what I learned from lunch with Warren Buffett. Here’s another part.

3 Tips from Warren Buffett on Becoming a Better Person

  • I also made a video of this (shot in Rio). Video located here.

The Gates Foundation’s Unique China-Africa Strategy

  • A video of Jane Xing (Bill Gates Foundation) talking to my students at PKU. One of several clips. Here‘s another. And another.

Mobike and Chinese Bike-Sharing Are Taking Over Mexico

  • A video with thoughts from Mexico on the launch of bike-sharing.

I Took 20 Students to Lunch with Warren Buffett (Again).

  • My four-part summary of the trip.

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