My Recommended China Reading – February 2018


Cheers from Peking University (although I’m actually on the beach in Brazil this week(see photo)),

I send out an email about once a month with the best China consumer and digital China reading I have come across (and I read most everything). Plus some of my recent writing.

Below are my recommended China articles and books for February. Hope your new year is going well.

Cheers, Jeff

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Good Articles and Books  

Aiming at Armpits: When Foreign Brands Misfire

A great NYTimes article about why deodorant and other products have misfired in China.

China’s Industries And Services Are Going Digital

A fantastic McKinsey report by my co-author Jonathan Woetzel – on digital transformation in China.

A Romantic Comedy Crushed Star Wars at the Chinese Box-Office

The Last Jedi opened and then left Chinese theatres in about 14 days. Crushed.

How Technology is Hacking Your Mind

A fascinating article about some of the psychological tools many websites employ.

Chinese Men Now Outspend Women Online

Some cool facts about China’s “dudeconomy”.


My Recent Stuff

An Interview With Alex Zhang, Alibaba Pictures.

A video interview on what everyone is getting wrong about Chinese entertainment.

How Alibaba’s New Retail Disrupts

A 4-part series on some of the theory behind new retail and how it impacts JD’s hybrid approah.

Why Uber Will Merge With Didi (Again)

A long-shot prediction about how Didi’s international expansion could lead to a global partnership with Uber.

The Negotiation of Alwaleed’s Life

Some thoughts on the incarceration of my old boss Saudi Prince Alwaleed

Three Predictions for Digital China for 2018

A fun video from the Carribean about what I think will be important in digital China in 2018.


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