My Favorite China Articles For January 2018


Happy New Year,

2018 looks like its going to be a pretty big year for Chinese consumers and digital China. And as that’s kinda my thing, I’m pretty psyched. We’ll see.

Below are my favorite China articles and books for January (and some of mine).

Cheers, Jeff

– Articles – 

Jack Ma’s Alipay Takes on WeChat’s “Instant Apps”

I think this is an important move. The emergence of “instant apps” by WeChat and now Alipay is creating a second desktop on smartphones.

The Human Factor

A stunning article about the investigation of a plane crash (not China related). I think it raises lots of important questions about how automation leads to the “deskilling” of professionals.

Gordon Orr’s China Predictions for 2018

Gordon always has a unique take and great predictions for the year.

Wal-Mart Already Has A Thriving Online Grocery Business – in China

Walmart and JD have a cool grocery business in China. Ahead of the curve for “new retail”.

Nike China: Just Do It

Still my favorite commercial about China. I think it captures the energy of it all.

– My Recent Articles –

My Explanation for the Stunning Rise of Mobike, Ofo and China Bike Sharing.

I did a deep dive on why I think these bike-sharing companies have risen so quickly. Here’s also a video I did about it (here).

My Visit to JD HQ and What I Learned About China’s Retail Revolution

I spent 3-4 days at JD, visiting facilities and meeting with management.

5 Things I Learned from Alibaba President Michael Evans

I had great discussions with Alibaba mgmt about Singles’ Day.

The Awesome But Mostly Unknown Story of Carlsberg Beer in China

How Carlsberg beer went into the West of China is a fantastic story. Great strategy lessons in this.


I write about the fight for Chinese consumers and digital China.

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