Shanghai Disneyland is Open. But the Race to Be the “Disney of China” Has Just Begun.

The big party to celebrate Shanghai Disneyland is over. The press has moved on to Brexit and Disney CEO Bob Iger has gone home to Burbank. But Disney’s biggest challenge in China has just begun. The opening of the theme park is the official starter’s pistol in a race to become the “Disney of China”. […]

How to Save Uber in China (part 1)

The situation for Uber in China is now dire. They are still quite small (+10 cities). Kuaidi and Didi, their two gigantic Chinese competitors, are merging (+350 cities) The government is now raiding / “visiting” Uber’s offices on almost a weekly basis. Uber is now in the situation you never want to be in in […]

Uber China’s 5 Big Lessons for Netflix

Last month, Netflix’s stock price soared on rumors of meetings in China. People got pretty excited about the potential market for “Netflix China”. Meanwhile, “Uber China” is continuing to take body blows. Their gigantic Chinese competitors are merging. And the government is raiding their offices. I detailed this in How to Save Uber in China […]