How to Save Uber in China (part 1)

The situation for Uber in China is now dire. They are still quite small (+10 cities). Kuaidi and Didi, their two gigantic Chinese competitors, are merging (+350 cities) The government is now raiding / “visiting” Uber’s offices on almost a weekly basis. Uber is now in the situation you never want to be in in […]

Uber China’s 5 Big Lessons for Netflix

Last month, Netflix’s stock price soared on rumors of meetings in China. People got pretty excited about the potential market for “Netflix China”. Meanwhile, “Uber China” is continuing to take body blows. Their gigantic Chinese competitors are merging. And the government is raiding their offices. I detailed this in How to Save Uber in China […]

Do 30M Chinese Really Live in Caves?

This “30M Chinese live in caves” statistic keeps getting repeated. And from relatively reputable sources – including the LA Times, the NY Daily News and. Business Insider. Some even claim up to 70M live in caves. And certainly many people in Shaanxi have cave houses. As shown in the Shaanxi picture below. And there is […]

Uber’s 4 Options for China

I have argued that Uber’s best option for China at this point is to partner with local governments or State-owned taxi companies. This is detailed in How to Save Uber in China (part 1) and Uber China’s 5 Big Lessons for Netflix. But looking back to late 2013 when Uber entered, I think they really […]

1 Chart Shows Chinese Are Still Saving Like Crazy

Below is a chart based on Credit Suisse data (re-created and adapted). It compares Chinese consumer spending to other emerging market consumer spending (India, Brazil, etc.). The big difference that jumps out is the savings rate. The high rate of Chinese savings is understandable. First, it’s cultural. Second, they are precautionary savings. No social safety […]