Uber Shows How to Win in China

Uber Technologies Inc.’s sale of its China business to local rival Didi Chuxing has sparked confusion about whether it had won in the Chinese ride-sharing market or simply surrendered. The numbers speak for themselves. Uber invested 18 months and about $2 billion in China. They walked away with 17% of Didi, and therefore 17% of […]

Why Chinese Healthcare Apps Are Failing

More than a thousand Chinese healthcare apps have been launched in the past five years. These startups, targeting the seemingly super-hot intersection of booming smartphone usage and modernizing healthcare, were supposed to be the next big thing. And many have been backed by top venture capitalists and leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba Group Holding, […]

Uber China’s 3 Big Lessons for Silicon Valley

Uber’s deal with Didi Chuxing yesterday was taken by many as a surrender. I disagree. I argue this was the culmination of a pretty smart China strategy. Uber did very well in China – and far better than most all other foreign Internet companies. And there are a couple of important lessons for Silicon Valley […]

Shanghai Disneyland is Open. But the Race to Be the “Disney of China” Has Just Begun.

The big party to celebrate Shanghai Disneyland is over. The press has moved on to Brexit and Disney CEO Bob Iger has gone home to Burbank. But Disney’s biggest challenge in China has just begun. The opening of the theme park is the official starter’s pistol in a race to become the “Disney of China”. […]

How to Save Uber in China (part 1)

The situation for Uber in China is now dire. They are still quite small (+10 cities). Kuaidi and Didi, their two gigantic Chinese competitors, are merging (+350 cities) The government is now raiding / “visiting” Uber’s offices on almost a weekly basis. Uber is now in the situation you never want to be in in […]