Making Money As An Internet Company Is Sometimes A Mistake – Evan Guo, CEO of Zhaopin (Video)

Facebooktwitterlinkedin CEO Evan Guo has a fascinating view of China’s evolving internet ecosystem. He heads the leading online recruiting business in China (+140M active users). So he is riding the top of a very big wave.

But Zhaopin is not part of Baidu, Alibaba, or Tencent. It is living in the spaces between these digital giants. To survive and thrive in this situation means adapting and moving quickly.

My co-professor Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co) and I were fortunate to have Evan as a guest lecturer in our course at Peking University Guanghua School of Management. Here is a clip from that talk.

Thanks for watching. Here is another video from his lecture. And a short interview.



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