One Graphic Shows the Power of China Bike-Sharing (Mobike, Ofo)


Below and above is a graphic that shows the growth of bike trips taken vs. bikes deployed in a Chinese city of 8M people. The data was provided by Mobike but the exact city is not specified.


Note how usage grows fairly linearly – and is proportional to the number of bikes deployed. I think there are a couple of really cool take-aways from this:

  • More of less, the more bikes you deploy the more usage you get (to a point).
  • Bike usage grows without any real required marketing or sales support. It happens naturally.
  • The key therefore is to deploy the bikes and remove any barriers to usage, such as ease of downloading the app, ease of payment, required government approvals, etc.

Basically, this is a product that markets and sells itself – and that people just naturally start to use. That is pretty amazing.

This graphic is from an article I wrote about how Mobike, Ofo and China bike-sharing grew so quickly. The article is located here.

Cheers from Beijing, Jeff


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Graphic courtesy of Mobike


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