My Favorite China Articles for June 2017


There have been some interesting China business events this month, including the stepping down of Vanke CEO Wang Shi. He is symbolic of the first generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, many of whom are now starting to retire.

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Below are my recommended China articles and books for June.

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– Articles –

Why ‘A Dog’s Purpose Soared in China While ‘Lego Batman’ Flopped

Alibaba Pictures and Tencent Pictures are creating powerful ecosystems for understanding and reaching Chinese consumers, both online and offline. They are becoming the “must have” partners in Chinese entertainment, especially for Hollywood.


Key Takeaways from Alibaba’s 2017 Investor Investor Day – Day One

Alibaba had its annual investor meeting in Hangzhou this month. Lots of good insights and announcements, especially about their M&A strategy. Here is the summary of Day 2 as well.


China’s Biggest Developers Are Betting on $2,400 Nose Jobs

Chinese real estate developers keep trying to leverage in healthcare (and senior housing) facilities to get better access to land. Here is the latest iteration of this approach.


China’s Breakneck Metro System Growth, in One Amazing GIF

Just a great GIF showing the growth in metro systems across China.

– Books and Reports –

American Wheels, Chinese Roads: The Story of General Motors in China

By Michael Dunne. I’m currently reading this book and it has great detail on GM and how joint ventures in China really work.


Internet Trends – 2017

The latest Mary Meeker / Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends report is out. The Chinese section, done by Hillhouse Capital, is always worth reading.

– My Recent Articles –

There is No New Chinese “Sharing Economy”. Didi, Mobike and Others Are Classic Disruptors.

This is a bit of a rant about the term “sharing economy”. Didi, Ofo, Mobike and the new micro-rental businesses (batteries, basketballs, etc.) are not really sharing. They are classic disruptors in “access and convenience”.


Five Questions for Understanding Didi, Mobike and the New Chinese Micro-Rentals (Part 2)

This is a simple framework for understanding these new Chinese disruptors (Didi, Tujia, Ofo, Mobike, etc.). I find this approach pretty useful.


Why Didi Is Raising So Much Cash

With its latest capital raise, Didi likely has over $12B in the bank. It is very unusual for a start-up to raise and then sit on so much cash. Here is what I think is going on.


– A Final Funny One –

Chongqing Building Has a Road On Its Roof, Netizens Wonder How Residents Get Any Sleep

This is really pretty crazy. Only in China.


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