New 2017 Version of One Hour China Book Now Available


Photo May 09, 11 43 12 AMJonathan Woetzel and I have just released a new 2017 version of our One Hour China book (here). We originally released it in 2013 and it (quite surprisingly) jumped onto the best-seller list (for China). It has more of less stayed on the best-seller list for the past three years.

But a new version was needed. China just changes too fast. For example, here are some of the things that have changed in the 3 years in China:

  • Over 30M people have moved into Chinese cities. Note: by 2025, China will have 10 New York-sized cities.
  • 60M people bought cars and over 1,000 miles of metro lines (the distance from Dallas to Chicago) were built.
  • Over 20M people graduated from Chinese universities. Also, China sent more than 1.4M students to study overseas.
  • Over 360M Chinese tourists traveled out of the country.
  • Chinese companies made over $400B in overseas acquisitions.
  • China’s foreign exchange reserves first grew by $800B, then shrank by $1T. They ended up at $3T

We hope you enjoy the new 2017 version. It is available here.

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