4 Rules for CPG Brands Going Digital. Lessons from AB InBev, Nike, and Zé Delivery. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 149)

“In Podcast 149, Jeff Towson shares valuable insights into the digital transformation journey of leading CPG brands like AB InBev, Nike, and Ze Delivery. He outlines four essential rules that these brands follow for successful digital transition. This discussion provides a roadmap for other CPG brands looking to enhance their digital presence.

How AB InBev is Disrupting the Beverage Industry with Zé Delivery (Tech Strategy – Podcast 139)

Discover how AB InBev and Ze Delivery are revolutionizing the ecommerce scene in the beverage industry in this engaging podcast by Jeffrey Towson. Gain insights into the innovative strategies these companies are employing to disrupt traditional models. This is a must-read for anyone interested in ecommerce trends, tech innovations, and the rapidly evolving beverage market.