My Visit to Luckin Coffee: Starbucks’ First Serious Challenger in China. (Pt 1 of 3)

There is a lot of buzz around “new retail” coffee chain Luckin Coffee in China now. They are opening at a blistering rate – about 800 outlets since their launch earlier this year. That’s 2-3 locations per day (including weekends). They are focusing strongly on digital and delivery – a “new retail” version of retail […]

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Have a Serious Competitor in China? (Video)

I’ve been asking this question for like two years. And until recently, nobody seems to have an answer. Starbucks is doing fantastic in China. They have tons of stores and are apparently very profitable. And for some reason, they don’t have a major competitor. They have somehow avoided the brutal competitive knife fight we see […]

Starbucks Big Success in China Has Been Surprisingly Painless

Multinationals and entrepreneurs come to China dreaming of 1.3B consumers. But what they actually encounter is a sea of ruthless competitors and pervasive political challenges and complications. It’s a ferocious market and most fail. A rare few fight their way through, ultimately arriving bloodied at a certain level of success, or at least a viable […]