Pinduoduo, Etsy, and OTC: How Specialty Ecommerce Can Thrive Against the Giants. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 97)


This week’s podcast is about assessing specialty ecommerce companies (i.e,. the anteaters) vs. the ecommerce giants (i.e,. the lions). Which will survive? Which will thrive?

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Here are my 5 questions (thus far) for assessing the viability of a specialty ecommerce company.

  1. Is the company sufficiently differentiated in the user experience?
  2. Can the company compete and/or differentiate in logistics or infrastructure without ongoing spending?
  3. Does the company have a strong competitive advantage in a circumscribed market?
  4. Is there a clear path to significant operational cash flow?
  5. Has the company avoided markets and situations that are attractive or strategic for the major ecommerce companies?
  6. Addendum: Don’t overestimate first mover, virality or growth hacks.

Here’s my assessment of various specialty ecommerce companies:

  • Thriving:
    • Etsy – huge suite of unique products for mass market by capturing unique merchants.
    • Oriental Trading Company (OTC) – unique product for niche market by unique logistics.
    • Pinduoduo – engagement driven ecommerce.
  • Survive, but questionable:
    • Global-e – cross border logistics
  • I’m not optimistic:
    • Dingdong
    • Farfetch
  • Situations that may be overestimating first mover, virality or growth hacks.
    • Delivery Hero:
    • Shein


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  • Interactive and Engagement-Focused Ecommerce

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  • Etsy
  • Oriental Trading Company
  • Pinduoduo

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