Message to Followers and Subscribers About the Course Going Forward


Hi everyone,

After months of discussion with subscribers, I’m splitting the course into two more focused services.

  • One service for tech investors.
  • One service for those more interested in executive education in digital strategy.

It turns out the audience for this course really is somewhat split between two sets of interests. By creating more focused services for each, it should improve the course for everyone substantially. So going forward:

  • The subscription newsletter and emails will focus on investments in China / Asia tech companies.
  • 5-6 new course modules are being developed for a quasi-Masters degree in digital strategy.

HOWEVER, those more interested in executive education can continue to advance in their six levels via the emails. I will continue to send out the assignments until the new course modules are ready.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (via linkedin, webpage).

Thanks for the feedback. And for being a part of the class. I really appreciate it.

Cheers, jeff


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