5 Weird New Menu Items at Pizza Hut China


I eat at Pizza Hut in Beijing all the time. It’s close to campus and the brutality of Chinese restaurant competition is fun to watch.

Chinese restaurants are Chinese hyper-competition. They fight for the high-traffic and high-visibility locations. They fight for good managers. They try to localize to China and always need to refresh and up date their look, which means frequent renovations. They are now investing in digital and deliveries in a big way. And their menus are typically massive, with endless announcements about new and increasingly daring menu items. Hence this article.

I like how creative they are with new menu items. Here are 5 interesting new items I found in the menu.

#5 – Fig Cranberry Pizza

Pretty cool. Going to try this one.

#4 – Lots of interesting pizzas

Here are some of their main pizzas. I’m not sure what the difference is between Seafood Supreme and Seafood Mania.

#3 – Roe Stuffed Shrimp Balls

This is an appetizer for 27 rmb. I just really like the name.

#2 – Durian Pizza

Durians are pretty common in menus across Asia. So this is more weird for an American like me. I still find the durian smell just too much.

#1 – Escargots

There is nothing inherently weird about escargots. But serving them at Pizza Hut in China is pretty odd. 40 RMB.

Runner up #1: Flavored soda with fruit

You have to hand it to whoever does the drinks for Yum! China. They are endlessly creative and always look awesome (especially on a hot day). Here are the latest.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. Cheers, jeff

Here are some other strange Pizza Hut menu items.


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