My Favorite China Articles for March 2017


Greetings from Peking University in Beijing.

It has been an amazing month. Lots of big developments in US-China business. And, in a crazy bit of luck, I ended up talking with Warren Buffett for a couple of hours over lunch – which I have written up in the articles below.

Cheers, Jeff

– Articles –

Grocery Wars: Alibaba and Compete Against Supermarkets

Online-to-offline in Chinese retail is a big deal. I think supermarkets are going to be a really interesting part of this.

China’s Growth Breathes Life into Ghost Towns

China’s “ghost cities” were mostly a media creation (a catchy term + cool photos). Urbanization continues. Wait 5 years. Most were really just “too early to market” cities.

6 Chinese Billionaires Spring Up with Delivery Fortunes Worth $47B

Chinese express delivery is as attractive a macro-story as I know of anywhere in the world.

Nike: Just Do It in China

Whenever I think of Chinese millennials, i think of this Nike ad. I really like the spirit of it.


– Books and Reports –


By McKinsey & Co.. I re-read this book every year or two. I really like how clean the logic is in each section. Great, clear thinking.

No Ordinary Disruption

By Jonathan Woetzel, my sometimes co-author and co-professor. Just a ton of great detail on four big global trends (aging, tech, connectivity, urbanization).

– My Recent Articles –

I Took 20 Chinese Students to Meet Warren Buffett. Here’s What Happened.

This is actually a 4 part article that details the whole trip, the Berkshire companies we visited and Warren’s Q&A and lunch with us. Sort of long. The below is a shorter article on this.

7 Things I Learned from Lunch with Warren Buffett

For example, I didn’t know he has a gold McDonalds card that gets him free lunch for life.

My 5 Predictions for Chinese Consumers in 2017

#3 is that President Trump will discover Chinese consumers are listening very closely to him.

– A Final Funny One –

Hubei Dude Builds His Own Helicopter

His homemade copter can go 200mph..


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