Peter Williamson: Cross-Border Investment Trends to Watch For


Value investors have long been obsessed with trends. The secular ones can provide a measure of certainty and the cyclical ones can provide buying opportunities. It’s a useful obsession.

One of the advantages of global value investing is that one can study not only domestic trends (such as consumer demographics) but also cross-border trends. The increasing collisions of developed and developing economies. Such as how the increasing interactions of Chinese and Russian businesses is playing out on their common border. Or how suddenly wealthy Indian businesses can change the private market value of certain European companies. And so on. There is a constantly evolving patchwork of such cross-border trends and interactions.

Peter Williamson of Cambridge Judge Business School is an expert on such cross-border trends and interactions. We were lucky enough to get a chance to ask him a few questions on what cross- border trends he is watching today.

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