Book featured in August 2011 issue of Traders


A quick review and feature in the August 2011 issue of Traders. The link is here and the re-pasted text below.

What Would Ben Graham Do Now? A New Value Investing Playbook For A Global Age

(298 pages, $29.99 hardcover, 2011, ISBN 978-0-13-217323-0) by Jeffrey Towson, published by Pearson Education as FT Press.

Intelligent investors have long built wealth by applying Benjamin Graham’s classic value investing principles. The arrival of a new global investment terrain is creating both historical challenges and opportunities for value investors. This work shows how to uncover unprecedented value opportunities in today’s wildly mispriced new global marketplace. It shows how value investors and others can use a value-added approach to extend their investment strategies. The result is a practical investment playbook for a global age, identifying today’s best opportunities, preparing you for massive market shifts that are just beginning to emerge. It adapts and extends Graham’s classic value principles, takes advantage of the biases and mispricings, details the strategies of the new global tycoons, and presents a comprehensive value investing playbook for investors looking to go global.


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