33. “A brilliant book” – Review of Book by C. Oliver


The below is reprinted from C. Oliver on Amazon.

Informative, June 24, 2011

Value investing has taken a hit, many people watching their good money disappear with buy and hold have become disillusioned, either by getting out of the market completely, or trying to trade their way back to a fortune. I have had success as a trader, and I have a portfolio of investments. I believe in the viability of buy and hold just as much as I believe in the viability of a good trading plan. What Would Ben Graham Do Now, is a brilliant book that analyzes a new decentralized world of investment. No longer are you stuck trying to find dirt cheap companies in America, but all around the world, opportunities are arising to invest unlike anything in the past hundred years.

This book brilliantly, in my opinion, highlights the ins and outs of the new economiy and and the global age, with an investment playbook that is both insightful and interesting. I highly recommend this book.


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