The 5 Weirdest Menu Items at Pizza Hut China


I eat at Pizza Hut in Beijing all the time. Partly cause it’s close to campus and partly because the brutality of Chinese restaurant competition is fun to keep an eye on.

Chinese restaurants are developing economy hyper-competition. They fight for good locations. They fight for managers and a cool look (plus continual renovations). The menus are massive. And there are endless announcements about new and increasingly daring menu items (hence this article).

I wrote this in a Beijing Pizza Hut where the menu had +35 pages – each packed with items. They were offering everything from pizza to steaks (no, I have never tried one of the steaks). And of the +35 pages, I counted only about 6-7 pages that actually have pizzas.

Here are the 5 craziest items I saw.

#5 – Stuffed Squid with Minced Shrimp

A new appetizer. Not sure what this is but it doesn’t look like squid in the picture. And stuffing seafood with another seafood seems wrong.

#4 – Hot Corn Juice

Yep. You can get a big glass of hot corn for 19 rmb. Or a pitcher for the table to enjoy(?) for 55 rmb.

#3 Bacon Wrapped Quail Eggs with Abalone Mushroom

This is an appetizer for 24 rmb. Doesn’t look awesome in the picture. A plate with little rolls with mysterious, pale insides (the quail eggs I assume). Both quail eggs and abalone mushroom are pretty weird.

#2 – Jumbo Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon with Basil Pesto Pizza

Wrapping various things in bacon seems to be pretty important here. The pizzas are all pretty unusual. Lots of seafood and chicken toppings. I can’t seem to find a regular pepperoni pizza.

This particular pizza is just bizarre. It has shrimp, bacon, milan sausage, cherry tomato, corn (yes, again with corn), parsley and cheese.

#1 – Escargots

Six escargots for 40 rmb. There is nothing inherently weird about escargots. But serving them at Pizza Hut in China is pretty odd.

Runner up – Flavored soda with iced fruits

This is just a big soda. But they have big pieces of fruit frozen inside the ice cubs. It actually looks pretty good.

That’s it. Cheers, jeff


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Photo by Teddy Lambec, license link here.


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