Microsoft’s 3 Big Upgrades to its 2 Big Platforms (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

If we look at Microsoft’s business lines, we can see 7-8 significant businesses. It’s a big company. But I think it’s mostly about 4 particularly dominant businesses. They are: Azure, which is part of a global cloud oligopoly (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Windows, which has long been a global operating system monopoly. Office, which is […]

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Microsoft’s Azure Strategy Is “Two Platforms Plus Infrastructure” (1 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Microsoft’s Azure strategy is to provide infrastructure and two platforms: Azure App Service and Azure Functions. Azure App Service is a fully managed platform that makes it easy to deploy and scale web applications. Azure Functions is a serverless platform that makes it easy to run code in response to events. These platforms can be used to build scalable and reliable cloud applications.