China Discussion with Kevin O’Leary. Plus Foodpanda, Digital Basics and the Standard Digital Playbook. (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 94)

This week’s podcast is about how to profit from political involvement in China tech. But really it is about how to think systematically about the role of the State. And about how to benefit from the State as the mother-of-all catalysts. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya. You can sign-up for […]

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How Ant Financial / Alipay is Building an AI Factory in Financial Services (pt 2 of 2)

In Part 1 (From Big, Dumb Bureaucracies to Zero-Human Operations (pt 1 of 2), I made the following argument: In the industrial age, enterprises were built on the advantages of scale. Companies went from workshops and small factories to big factories capable of mass production. Superior scale gave companies multiple advantages, including cost efficiencies and […]

The Secret Engine of Alibaba’s New Retail Is “Uni-Marketing” (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Lesson / Update)

“New retail”, coined by Alibaba, was probably the least creative business term ever. But it was a big idea. You combine online and physical retail into a seamless, data-driven consumer experience. It is giving rise to new business models, from transformed supermarkets and cashier-less convenience stores to automated package pickup centers and re-imaged department stores. […]

My 3 Rules for Digital Transformation and Disruption in China / Asia

I do a lot of talks to non-tech businesses (insurance companies, hospitals, chemical companies, express delivery companies) that are facing some degree of digitization. About how digitization is playing out in China/Asia. And, for all the concepts and frameworks for taking about the chaos of digitization activity, I’ve sort of boiled my message down to […]