Book featured in August 2011 issue of Traders

A quick review and feature in the August 2011 issue of Traders. The link is here and the re-pasted text below. What Would Ben Graham Do Now? A New Value Investing Playbook For A Global Age (298 pages, $29.99 hardcover, 2011, ISBN 978-0-13-217323-0) by Jeffrey Towson, published by Pearson Education as FT Press. Intelligent investors […]

How China Can Win in Latin America

By Jeffrey Towson Chinese businesses have gone international in spectacular way. First to Asia, then Australia, then Africa and now, most recently, they are moving in great numbers into Latin America. China’s newest frontier is the land of Spanish, Portuguese, meringue and salsa. Latin American natural resource deals are surging. And there have been some […]


Reprinted from Cai Fu Tan (Aug 2011) 时间:2011-07-27 浏览:4次 作者:杰弗瑞·陶森 中国的企业以独特的方式走向国际,先是亚洲,再是澳大利亚,然后是非洲,现在它们开始进军南美。 南美的自然资源贸易兴起,很多人从中获得成功,失败的也不少。正反两面的例子都是重要的一课。 这个月初,我和SinoLatin Capital创始人埃里克·贝瑟尔谈起这个话题,他曾是摩根士丹利和中国创业投资有限公司的决策者,会说流利的    英语、西班牙语、葡萄牙语和汉语,他和他的团队在中国和南美两边跑,他们是中国与南美之间贸易无可争议的专家。