Podcast – “How Saudi Prince Waleed Invested Globally and Grew $30k to $22B” by Tradestreaming.com


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The Tradestreaming Introduction is pasted in below. Note: in the audio my title was said to be Chief Investment Officer which is not correct. This correction is also noted below in the text and on their site.


Saudi’s Prince Waleed took $30k and investing globally, turned it into $22 billion — all with staff of only 2 or 3.

He was able to accomplish this by applying a framework to invest globally. Like Buffett, Waleed is a value investor. But the similarities end there — Waleed is a deal maker, on the prowl to see where he can add value and how.

In this podcast, we’re joined by Jeff Towson, who was Head of Direct Investments Middle East/North Africa and Asia Pacific for Waleed** for almost 10 years. He’s written a new book describing the Waleed model,What Would Ben Graham Do Now: A New Value Investing Playbook for a Global Age. He explores the essential question of our day: how does a foreigner properly invest in emerging markets?

In today’s episode of Tradestreaming Radio, we discuss:

  • ways global value investing differs from what Warren Buffett did so well
  • how Waleed and others like him find and invest in value in inherently chaotic environments
  • why global investing is a hybrid of investment banker, business development exec and investing
  • what geographies Towson is looking at now for their investment potential

** In the audio of this program, I mistakenly refer to Towson as Waleed’s Chief Investment Officer.  His correct title was Head of Direct Investments Middle East/North Africa and Asia Pacific.


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