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Give me 90 minutes a week – and I will make you an expert on China’s leading tech companies. And on the strategies and tactics of digital combat.

That is what this online Asia tech class offers. That, and $10 per month, is the deal.


For the past +9 years, I have been teaching executives (Alibaba, ICBC, DHL etc.) and MBA students (Peking University, CEIBS and Cambridge University) around the world. My focus is the rapidly advancing frontiers of digital China / Asia – and on the increasing collision of business strategy and digital / software tools.

And I really have three goals for my students:

1) To become an expert in the leading digital companies of China and Asia.

These companies include Alibaba, Tencent, Didi, GoJek, Grab, Huawei and many others that are just emerging. They are the disruptors of China / Asia business and are pioneering new digital tools and business models that now being replicated in the US, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Note: Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious new plan for Facebook is basically a copy of Chinese Wechat.

2) To stay on the frontier of the rapidly changing Asia tech world.

While much of the press attention is now on the back-and-forth between the US and China, two much bigger trends are quietly happening. The first is that China / Asia is rising as a major market and source of innovation. The second is that the Asia tech world is diverging and potentially decoupling from the Western tech world. Asia’s role in an emerging new world order is increasingly important to understand.

3) To become a guru in digital competition.

We are seeing new digital tools (software, hardware, data) rapidly being adopted in industry after industry. They are creating new capabilities and business models – and are changing the ways you win and lose in business.

And all this is happening faster in Asia, which is the world’s most fiercely competitive market. Silicon Valley may be the epicenter of digital innovation. But China / Asia is the epicenter of digital combat. Everything is faster. Everything is more ruthless. You can win and lose big faster in Asia than anywhere else. And executives need to understand how software and data technology change business. How they change strategy. And even the short-term tactics and dirty tricks commonly used.

My Asia Tech Class Gets You This Expertise

All advanced and complicated skills take time and practice. You can’t learn a language in a week. You can’t learn it just by reading a book or listening to a podcast. Advanced skills require time, practice and a teacher. That’s what this course is for.

In this class, you do 4 things every week, which will require about 90 minutes. And yes, I am going to push you. Nagging is actually an important part of teaching.

  1. You listen to a 40-60 minute podcast (i.e., a lecture) in which I am going to present you with a situation where a company faced with a digital issue or attacker. I’m also going to go through 1-2 digital concepts / frameworks for how to think about the situation. You can listen to these talks at the gym. Or in the car or wherever.
  2. You then write for 20-30 minutes about what you would do in this situation. You are going to have to apply the concepts I gave you and make a decision. What would you do? What would you advise a CEO to do? Making a decision is important because that is how you really learn. You can keep your written decisions private or you can post them to our discussion forum and get feedback.
  3. You then listen to a follow-up podcast where we discuss what others decided. And we will post the best answer we received for the situation. And we can discuss in online forums.
  4. Finally, having made an attempt and gotten feedback, you will write up notes on the companies covered and the important digital concepts / frameworks – and put them in your files. Over time, you are going to build a robust library of tools and expertise.

That will take about 90 minutes per week. But you can certainly spend more time if you want. And then we will repeat with another situation the next week. And then another. And another. And another. The most powerful way to learn advanced and complicated skills is to learn some new ideas from a teacher, apply them and then repeat. Over time, situations and questions that were difficult will become easy. And companies and concepts that were initially complicated will become familiar.

Real expertise grows step-by-step over time with practice. And I have gotten the time required down to about 90 minutes per week. If you can commit to that, I will make making you an expert in this. That’s the deal. And, by the way, being the digital guru in your company or industry is a really great skill.

You can sign-up below. There is a 30 day free trial.

Cheers, jeff

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