Sign-Up For Jeff’s Asia Tech Class

My online class offers the training you would normally have to live in China / Asia to get:

  • Executive education on the rising tech giants of China and Asia.
  • Training in the strategies and tactics of advanced digital combat.
  • Updates from the frontiers of changing Asia tech.

And it requires just 90 minutes a week online or via podcast. You can sign-up for a 30-day free trial here – which gets you:

  • A Weekly Lecture you can listen to online or by podcast.
  • A Weekly Article on key concepts and events relevant to China’s tech leaders and digital competition.
  • 2-3 Daily Updates per week on current events in Asia tech.

My Goals for Subscribers

Over the past +9 years, I have taught thousands of executives (Alibaba, ICBC, DHL etc.) and MBA students (Peking University, CEIBS and Cambridge University). They have been about 50/50 Chinese and from around the world. This class is the online version my teaching.

I have three goals for subscribers:

1) To develop deep expertise in the leading digital companies of China and Asia.

Companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Didi, JD, GoJek, Grab and others are the frontier of digital Asia. They are disrupting China / Asia business and are pioneering new digital tools, strategies and business models that are increasingly being copied by companies in the US, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Note: Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious new plan for Facebook is basically a copy of WeChat.

2) To become an expert in the strategies and tactics of advanced digital competition.

We are seeing new digital tools (software, hardware, data technology) rapidly being adopted in industry after industry. They are creating new capabilities and business models – and are changing the ways you win and lose in business. Software is, in fact, eating the world.

All of this is happening faster in Asia, arguably the world’s most fiercely competitive market. Everything is faster. Everything is more ruthless. Silicon Valley may still be the epicenter of digital innovation but China / Asia is the epicenter of digital combat. Executives need to understand the strategies and tactics of advanced digital combat.

3) To stay current on the rapidly rising Asia tech world.

While much of the press attention is now focused on the back-and-forth between the US and China, two much bigger trends are actually happening.

  • China and Asia are rising as major markets and sources of innovation.
  • The Asia tech world is diverging and potentially decoupling from the Western tech world.

Asia’s role in an emerging new world order is increasingly important to understand.

My Approach for this Class

All advanced and valuable skills take time and practice. You can’t learn a language in a week. The most valuable skills require time, practice and a teacher. That’s how this course is set up.

In this class, I am going to push you. I am going to nag you. Think of me like a personal trainer who is always pushing you to do 5 more reps. That, plus time, is how you will move upwards in your expertise and abilities over time.

I am going to push you to do 5 things per week – which will take about 90 minutes total.

  1. Listen to a 40-60 minute podcast (i.e., a lecture). You can listen to these talks on your phone. At the gym, in the car or wherever.
  2. Write for 20 minutes about what you would do in the case discussed. I am going to push you to apply the concepts presented and to make a decision. What would you do in this situation? What would you advise a CEO to do? You will learn 10x more by trying to make a decision then by just listening passively. You can keep your written decisions private or you can post them to our discussion forum and get feedback.
  3. Read a weekly article which will go into more depth on the subject.
  4. Follow the 2-3 Daily Updates I will send a week. This will have current events and review the important material. I am a huge believer in lots of repetition so the most important ideas just become second nature to you.
  5. Keep notes on the important companies and digital concepts. Over time, you are going to build a robust library of digital tools and expertise.

Except for #2, you should be able to do all of this with just your smartphone.


That’s the course. If you can commit to about 90 minutes per week, I will commit to making you an expert. That’s the deal. And, by the way, being the digital and / or China expert in your company or industry is pretty awesome.

You can sign-up here with a 30-day free trial.

Cheers, jeff