Giants to double down on thier strength

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    The mantra is to focus on one strength.

    The attribute that allows Giant to grow an become a large bicycle manufactures lies in the ability to design and manufacture authentic appealing bike. Giant would focus on ownership business model and double down on their strength by improving the design and quality even at the expense of higher sell price to differentiate herself from a swap of look-alike Bike sharing. The job to be done here is to establish a more definite identity for Giant bike owners.

    This is something that technology companies can not hope to replicate. After all, there is nothing worst for a bike owner than having the same looking bicycle as everyone else in your gang. The Capability to marketing as well as the brand value of high-quality amongst cyclers, will not easily be replicated in a short period of time, Giant, and use this time to track and re-evaluate if bike-sharing is scalable beyond China urban area.

    There is no game-changing technology for bikes like Autonomous or new groundbreaking technology like in the case of Tesla so it can be wise to wait and see.

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