How to Write a #1 Biz Book

I’m starting to write a new book and am documenting / vlogging the process. Hopefully this will be of help to anyone working on books – or thinking of doing so. Please follow along and write your own.

In the past, I’ve written 3 best-selling business books, two of which hit #1 (One Hour China, One Hour Consumer China).

The videos will be posted below. And you can get them by email by signing up for my reading list (on the right).

Cheers, jeff

Step 1: Choose a question

On Youtube here. And on Tencent Video here.

Step 2: Go direct to readers.

On Youtube here. And on Tencent Video here.

Step 3: Build two assets (long-term)

Step 4: Build a content team

Step 5: Build a marketing team.

Step 6: Do a team outline.

Step 7: Write the 1st Draft in 3 Weeks

Step 8: Present Your Ideas Publicly

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