Alwaleed, Khaled and Mohammed Book

My latest book is coming in 2019. Here is the summary:

Alwaleed, Khaled and Mohammed (Part 1):

An Insider’s Tell-All About the Risks of Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

Is it safe to do business in the Saudi Arabia of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman?

The country and its new leader are aggressively courting foreign businesses and capital. But what are the risks for foreign companies? Is Saudi Arabia safe for foreign investors?

This book is a tell-all of Jeffrey Towson’s experiences at the highest levels of Saudi Arabian business. It is what he thinks every foreign company and investor should know before doing business in the Kingdom.

Jeff spent eight years working for Alwaleed bin Talal (Kingdom Holding Co) in Riyadh. Over that period, he built, studied and fixed companies across industry after industry.  And he had a unique birds-eye view into how business is really done in the Kingdom. In this book, he details his experiences and he does a deep dive into the business history of Alwaleed bin Talal, his son Khaled Alwaleed and others.

Foreign companies and investors can definitely do well in Saudi Arabia – but they are also frequently scammed and abused. Business behavior in Saudi Arabia spans the good, the bad and the ugly (sometimes within the same family). Jeff outlines some of the most common problems and bad behaviors encountered by foreign companies and investors in Saudi Arabia.

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