Slides for VFSA Class – Spring 2019



Here are the instructions for the final paper. Valuation – Final Paper Outline – 2019 Spring

Example of good valuation. Look at Appendix only. Ignore LBO model. Valuation Example from PE class

Class 1 slides are here. PKU.Valuation.Lecture_1-3.27.19.v3.public

Class 2 slides are here. PKU.Valuation.Lecture_2-4.1.19.v4.public

Class 3 slides are here. PKU.Valuation.Lecture_3-4.03.19.v5.public

Class 4 slides are here. PKU.Valuation.Lecture_4-4.8.19.v3.public

Class 5 slides are here. PKU.Valuation.Lecture_5-4.10.19.public


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