Jonathan Woetzel of McKinsey: Reality vs Fantasy in Chinese Secular Trends

Nearly everyone talks about China in terms of large secular trends – GDP growth, consumer spending, etc. – but Jonathan Woetzel has been living and working in China for almost 20 years and has unique insight into the truth and fantasy of such trends. Jonathan Woetzel is the “go to guy” for understanding China’s rapidly growing […]

Erik Bethel of SinoLatin Capital: Investing between China and Latin America

Some of the best opportunities in global value investing today are in highly inefficient and largely undermined special situations – such as in the surging natural resource deals between China and Latin America. Erik Bethel, founder of SinoLatin Capital, got there first. He was arguably the first investor out of China to be on the […]

Peter Williamson: Cross-Border Investment Trends to Watch For

Value investors have long been obsessed with trends. The secular ones can provide a measure of certainty and the cyclical ones can provide buying opportunities. It’s a useful obsession. One of the advantages of global value investing is that one can study not only domestic trends (such as consumer demographics) but also cross-border trends. The […]

Melak Investments on Value Investing in Post-War Iraq

Today’s Iraq may well be the world’s purest form of value investing. Virtually every company in every industry is struggling. Struggling to grow and to restructure. The entire country is effectively a turn-around situation. And at the same time, Iraq has 20% of the world’s oil reserves. So the value is already there, amidst a […]